2019 Easter Ensemble Members

The following musicians performed for the Christ Church Perish 2019 Easter Services, consisting of members of the Pensacola Bay Concert Band and Christ Church.

Tony Chiarito – Conductor
Kelli Cunningham – Flute
Becky Jadallah – Flute
Martha Trammell – Flute
Cara Rinelli – Flute
Jane Buttram – Flute
David Riggs – Clarinet
Cheryl Early – Clarinet
Liz Agne – Clarinet
Dawn Templin – Bassoon
Greg Vannoy – Bass Clarinet
Phil Roberts – Bass Clarinet
Ira Jackson – Tenor Saxophone
Bud Lawrence – Trumpet
Bill Parker – Trumpet
Jeff Boultinghouse – French Horn
Chris Epperson – Trombone
Everett Lopez – Tuba
James Shoemaker – Tuba
Bill Waters – Timpani

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