Past Performances – 2019

At The Movies with a Touch of Symphony – UWF Center for Fine and Performing Arts : May 20, 2019

Play Video Concert Video: First Half
Play Video Concert Video: Second Half

Play Audio The Star-Spangled Banner, Keith Brion
Play Audio Alan Silvestri: A Night at The Movies, Michael Brown
Play Audio Selections from Mary Poppins, Ted Ricketts
Play Audio Gabriel's Oboe, Robert Longfield
Play Audio Selections from The Sound of Music, Jim Christensen
Play Audio James Horner: Hollywood Blockbusters, John Moss
Play Audio Symphonic Suite from Star Trek, Jay Bocook
Play Audio The Wizard of Oz, James Barnes
Play Audio Captain America March, Michael Brown
Play Audio Highlights from Beauty and The Beast, John Moss
Play Audio The Lion King, John Higgins

Easter Services – Christ Episcopal Church : April 21, 2019

Hymn 207 Jesus Christ is risen today, Lyra Davidica
Hymn 208 The strife is o'er, the battle done, William Henry Monk
Hymn 180 He is risen, he is risen, Joachim Neander
Fanfare derived from James Horner: Hollywood Blockbusters, John Moss
Te Deum Laudamus, C.V. Stanford and Richard Shephard
Ave Verum Corpus, Barbara Buehlman
Hymn 210 The day of resurrection, William Henry Monk